Hello fellas, you are welcome to our website. We are Goldenkey Ventures Pvt Ltd, an initiative that has spanned many creative ideas and has successfully delivered in its vision and mission. Our goal has always been to deliver the necessary key to the success of every home we come across. We are a real estate management company based in Hyderabad, India and we believe in the benefits of having the perfect and conducive home and properties which will meet up with your satisfaction. We are a startup company that specializes in landed properties, housing, and building deals. We have that golden touch in making the right decision and choosing the right package for your wants and needs. Following the trends of technologies that have swept the real estate niche, we are always up to date with the best in terms of having a good survey and research for your golden key to be delivered to you.


Why You Need To Choose GoldenKey:


The ideology on which our company is built can be seen from our company name; “GoldenKey.” We are the best builders you have looked forward to meeting and our records speak for us. We are like the Midas touch that turns everything into gold. We have a team of experts who have what it takes to brainstorm the necessary ideas and criteria required to find a good home. We have the best building equipment to deliver quality construction at an affordable rate. We will map out the key areas where we believe we can get insights from locals and hundreds of neighborhood for a good and affordable home with very fast and efficient delivery. We have a commitment to help in securing a place where you will be happy to live in while you feel the love of nature radiating on your surroundings. We will make you connected to your community with the deployment of modern-day technology into your building or property. For your dream home, GoldenKey is the best place to patronize.


We always strive to be a creative force in the real estate world as we influence and shape every sphere for a better and comfortable living. We always provide the best facility for development, research and sublime dissemination of information between our experts, builders and the public. We have a list of high profile connections of people and properties for our clientele, giving them the opportunity to get the best and latest listings and deals in the market. For the best deals you can find, we are the ideal platform. We are always up to date with our mapping strategy all in a bid to come out with something great for our customers.


We are based in Hyderabad, India and as a startup; we are a fast-growing company that guarantees success in your quest to find to a good home. Contact us and let us help you deliver the golden key to your doorstep, as you bask in the success of our services.


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I am a first-generation entrepreneur, and now an established Real Estate developer by Brand name “Goldenkey®” with an MBA qualification in Marketing.

As a devoted believer in customized service, connections, and sound communication, I provide India's most detailed Real Estate style service.

My goal of exceeding customers' expectations is the cornerstone of my success. I believe in bringing real estate sales to a new level with much zeal, excitement, and affection for the market, and genuinely "think outside the box".

With an entrepreneur mindset and a love for Real Estate, you will have much success working with me. I look forward to bringing my experience to bear and deploying any or all aspects of my expertise to help you become the best you can be and stand out in the crowded marketplace.